Concrete Sealer - Easily Seal Concrete, Day of Pour, Same Day No Fuss Application

Concrete sealer Pro Seal 896 is a new concrete sealing application for freshly laid concrete and clean wet surfaces. Concrete driveway installation and sealing is now a same day process. Wet surface sealing for exposed aggregate concrete, adding curing strength for new concrete and stain protection from day 1.

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New Concrete Sealer for Exposed Aggregate Driveway Sealing Day of Pour

Concrete sealer for exposed aggregate concrete, Pro Seal 896, is applied on the same day of a pour. Seal new exposed aggregate concrete with ease on a wet surface. No need to return the next day to acid wash. New concrete stain protection, 34% moisture retention in the first 72 hours, for stronger concrete curing.

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Sealers for Polished Concrete, Honed Concrete & Polished Concrete Grouting

Sealing Polished Concrete and Honed Concrete with Water Based Sealers. Concrete sealer options for mechanically polished concrete with 2 great sealers by WBS include buffable Pro Seal 896 and Diamond Seal 898 (coming soon). Pro Polish 770 is the highest quality grouting binder 100% UV stable colour enhancing properties.

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All New Concrete Sealer for Pressure Cleaning & Sealing Same Day Wet on Wet

Clean & seal concrete or natural sandstone with Pro Seal 896, a revolutionary Same Day Pressure Clean & Seal System for old concrete, exposed aggregate or natural stone, restoring and protecting. Same day concrete cleaning & re-sealing, saving pressure cleaning contractors time and return travel expenses.

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3 Amazing Water Based Products for Concrete & Natural Stone!

Over 20+ Water Based Applications for Concrete & Construction

  • Day of Pour Concrete Seal & Cure Aid
  • Day 1 Concrete Stain Protection
  • Day 1 Exposed Aggregate Sealer
  • Dusting Concrete Treatment
  • New Concrete Sealing System
  • Same Day Clean & Seal Old Concrete
  • Sealer for Sandstone Outdoor
  • Sandstone Abrasive Resistance
  • Same Day Wet Surface Sealing
  • Sealing Polished Concrete
  • Polished Concrete Grouting Binder
  • Resurfacing Colour Stablizer
  • Old Resurface Colour Re-enhancer
  • Resurfacing Compound Plasticiser
  • Pourous Concrete Sealing First Coat
  • Fast Cure Add Mix
  • Concrete Extra Strength Add Mix
  • Concrete Resurfacing Primer
  • New Cement Rendered Work Primer
  • Water Proofing Surface Primer
  • Add Mix for Radiation Resistance
  • Superplastiser Add Mix
  • Paver Efflorencence Add Mix
  • Concrete Cancer Repairs

Sealing New Concrete Same Day

Concrete sealing, change the way concreters seal new exposed aggregate concrete forever. WBS’s advanced chemistry makes it possible to seal and cure assist concrete the day it is laid. This is a Boral Lab tested, acrylic sealer that aids curing.


Seal Concrete Before Construction

Seal concrete day of pour. Peace of mind for Builders and Contractors. Same day sealing increases concrete strength and provides immediate protection from other trades required to complete the build. Less defects = happier clients!

Concrete Sealer with no VOC's

Low VOC water based concrete sealer. Oil based products can’t compete in wet environments. Seal jobs can be delayed at the risk of potential wet weather. Hyro Barrier Technology is effective on a wet surface with WBS Moisture Retention Technology.

Cleaning & Sealing Concrete Same Day

Clean & Seal Same Day. No contractor wants to return to acid wash, then drive back a second time to seal. Pro Seal 896 user’s save 10+ hours weekly not driving back to incomplete work. Get the job done quicker, get paid sooner!

Pro Seal 896 - Changing the Way the World Seals Freshly Laid Concrete, Forever!

Concrete Sealer Suppliers - Australia Wide Delivery

✔  ‘Trade Secret’ formula developed exclusively in Australia for WBS

✔  Over 10 years of research, testing & application method developments

✔  Use our time saving “Same Day Lay & Spray™” application method:  Apply Direct to Wet Surfaces

✔  Improves curing with Moisture Retention Technology – lab certified 34% extra slab moisture at 72 hours

✔  100% UV stable, breathable, penetrating, acrylic sealer for old and new concrete

✔  Easy to use, stress-free, non-toxic & environmentally friendly concrete sealing process

✔  Effective for existing concrete, new installation concrete, exposed aggregate & other paved surfaces

✔  Ideal for all decorative concrete including car parks, driveways, garages, Alfresco’s, pathways & more

✔  Visually enhances most types of concrete with satin or gloss finishes

✔  Exposed aggregate shines without darkening or yellowing over time

✔  Physically strengthens concrete surfaces for greater impact strength and improved overall durability

✔  Provides excellent protection against oil stains, chemical spills, and hot tyre marks from DAY ONE!

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