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The Best Way to Seal Concrete

Water Based Sealers was founded by a team of likeminded concrete industry professionals who dreamed of a future free from hazardous chemicals. Our goal was to develop a range of concrete sealing products that were safe for the user, and the environment, without compromising on quality or performance.

After 10 years of intensive research and development our dream has become a reality. The Water Based Sealers product range delivers everything we set out to achieve and more. Our sealers are not only high performance and non-toxic, they also offer a level of versatility, ease of application and value delivery that is unrivaled in the concrete sealing industry. Let Water Based Sealers show you a better way to seal concrete today!

Discover more about our innovative water based products by getting in touch with us today.  WBS’s broad expert knowledge will help to provide practical and useful advice for all water based concrete sealing situations.

Call one our experts on 1800 PROSEAL and we will be happy to answer your questions, or provide you with concrete advice. Alternatively, EMAIL US or fill in our online CONTACT WBS form. Trust the team at Water Based Sealers to be the first and only people you call for all your concrete sealer requirements.

The WBS team with synergy, standing behind WBS Products, Training and Service!

Brian Kissenberger

Brian Kissenberger


Got a technical product question? Brian is your man, an engineer with 20 years deco resurfacing experience. Brian is the brains behind the development of WBS products. Brian has a few tricks up his sleeve to help customers/applicators get things done effectively.

Jason Mustukas

Jason Mustukas

Managing Director

When it comes to all round construction knowledge, processes & understanding building practices, Jason has over 30 years experience from tradesman to construction supervision, including 5 years hands on, diamond polishing concrete contracting.

Lisa Mustukas

Lisa Mustukas

Admin Logistics Manager

Lisa is the back bone of Water Based Sealers. Payments, Deliveries and Accounts. Logistics Australia wide is her specialty organising quotes & general enquiries are her priorities. Lisa can help with your enquiries as well.

Ellie Shipman

Ellie Shipman

Sales & Training

Ellie has been working closly with Brian and is highly trained to apply ProSeal 896. Ellie will demo and sell WBS products for tradies. When you need to become a certified applicator of ProSeal 896 you will be trained by Ellie & Brian.

Nick Kurucsev

Nick Kurucsev


Nick works on delivering ‘TV Quality’ info videos for customers who need extra support, step by step instructional videos for all WBS products, mixing and application made easy. Our goal is to have video help for all our products and training.

James Vander Ros

James Vander Ros

WA Regional Manager

James has a degree in Chemical Engineering and 15 years experience in the chemical and concreting industries. He understands how sealers work and also knows their capabilities and limitations. James has experience in process integrations, application design & implementation.

Joslyn Vander Ros

Joslyn Vander Ros

WA - Accounts & Logistics

Joslyn spent many years working as a legal secretary so she knows a thing or two about being organised! Joslyn takes care of all the day to day workings of the WA Branch. She manages the accounts, coordinates shipments and provides prompt and friendly customer care.

Water Based Concrete Sealer Supplier – Latest Innovative Formulas

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Concrete Driveway Sealing, Same Day as Pour, New Exposed Aggregate Sealer Application Breakthrough

Concrete Sealer Pro Seal 896 is applied as soon as you can walk on newly layed concrete. This eliminates the need to return the next day to acid wash or in some cases after the curing process. New Concrete Stain Protection with additional moisture retention technology, helps curing at a minimum of 34% in the first 72 hours, for stronger concrete. Protect your new concrete driveway from staining and increase concrete strength from day 1 by using Pro Seal 896 developed exclusively by Water Based Sealers Pty Ltd.

Concrete Driveway Sealing, No Go Backs, No Acid Wash & Easily Applied to Wet Surfaces, Same Day of Pour

Exposed aggregate acid washing is an old school, toxic process that not only effects the structural integrity of the surface of new concrete, it effects workers health and runs into the stormwater system directly to the ocean. Xylene based products are cheap and usually very nasty for VOC’s (volitile organic compounds), containing flammable, cancer causing agents that are banned in many modern countries. Stop using them and start saving time and money over the long term. Eco friendly water based products that actually do a great a job with long term results.
Stop the toxic madness NOW!

Decorative Concrete Driveways, Carparks, Path Cleaning & Sealing, Same Day Concrete Sealer Game Changer!

Clean & Seal concrete & natural sandstone with WBS Pro Seal 896, a revolutionary Same Day Pressure Clean & Seal System for old concrete, exposed aggregate and natural stone, restoring them in most cases to near new quality. New age concrete cleaning & re-sealing is finally here!

WBS Pro-Seal 896 Distributors provide Certified Applicator Training. Water Based Sealers has the most advanced easy application for same day cleaning & sealing. This is an exclusive formula to WBS, amazing results for dirty old concrete, exposed aggregate and natural sandstone using modern eco-friendly practices. This is the latest technology for sealing concrete & stone on the same day

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