Sealing New Exposed Aggregate Driveways?

WBS Pro Seal 896 – Amazing Same Day Lay & Spray Application

Save 2-4 hours extra labour time by eliminating acid washing and going back to old jobs to complete sealing at a later date. Be sure to watch the video on our WBS home page


  • Same Day Lay & Spray Application
  • Save 2-4 hours per job
  • Learn How To Do it…It’s Water Based Easy

Cure Concrete & Stain Protection Day of Pour

DAY 1 New Concrete Protection for New Home Builders

Builder and contractors that use Pro Seal 896, have DAY1 protection against other trades mess until the job handover. Pro Seal 896 increases moisture retention by 34% creating a stronger concrete.


  • Stronger Concrete
  • Driveway Stain Protection DAY1
  • Protection from Other Trades

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