Concrete Sealer Price – How do you work out job pricing?

Concrete Sealer Price – How to price your sealing jobs for maximum profit per action.

sealing costs 1000m2 new oxide concrete price

Photo: Oxide coloured hard trowel finish, 1000m2 Product use = 1 only Pro polish 770 (19L) & 1 only Pro Seal 896 (19L), hard trowel surface a bit tighter so product went much further than the usual 1l per 5m2. Some jobs are more porous than others and will result in different coverage rates.

Concrete sealer pricing consideration – How to work out the costs associated with sealing different types of concrete.

Sealing Plain Concrete

Sealing plain concrete is pretty easy. Product cost for Pro Seal 896 works out at about $1-65 per m2 if mixed at 4 parts water; 1 part concentrate.

The average going charge rate to seal plain concrete is $6 per m2 for jobs up to 100m2. For jobs that are bigger you have room to drop your price by a dollar or so, it’s simple math.

Sealing Exposed Aggregate

Concrete finishers can do exposed aggregate different ways.

  1. Same Day lay and spray process is usually for plain concrete with coloured stones. This requires a second wash down to clean the surface before applying a 3:1 Pro Seal 896 mix. This cost factor for the product is about $2 per m2. This is great for a natural finish without enhancing the surface. It also results in much stronger concrete as Pro Seal 896 with improve the curing process giving a much stronger result, as well as not requiring an acid wash.
  2. Coloured concrete with coloured aggregate usually requires an acid wash then an application of Pro Polish 770 to stabilize and enhance the coloured oxide in the cement mix. Some contractors can acid wash the same day in places like the Northern Territory, with fast curing times due to weather. Some finishers spray retarders on the surface and wash off the following day, then an acid wash is completed, rinse neutralized and then sealed with Pro Polish 770, and final cost sealed with a final coat of Pro Seal 896 is just under $3 per m2 product use for two coats. Allow returning to the job a second time.

Sealing Oxide Coloured Concrete

When sealing oxide coloured concrete allow for the same pricing as above coloured concrete exposed aggregate No.2.

Allow $3 per m2 for the product. Allow returning 2 times to the job for best results only for oxide in the mix. Charge out rates from $6-8 per m2 depending on job size.

You will need to wait 24 hours after the pour to allow surfactants/additives to bleed out. Usually the next day after the pour, you should begin to start the wash down, broom scrub and rinse, before applying Pro Polish 770 first coat. The following day (24 hours later) apply a second coat of Pro Seal 896.

Some contractors like to do saw cuts before and some like to do saw cuts after sealing. be sure to thoroughly clean the surface after saw cuts, do not let slurry dry out on the sealer in the curing process which takes 3-5 days.

This information should be used as a guideline, It is recommended to be trained properly by Water Based Sealers to fully understand the unique application process for our exclusive products.

Product prices above are based on 19L Buckets trade pricing.

concrete-sealer-first-coat-propolish-770.png concrete-sealer-pro-seal-896.png