Concrete Sealer Pro Seal 896 – It Just Works!

Concrete Sealer with Cure Assist for New Concrete

What do professionals do, to achieve better concrete?

  • Concrete Curing – keep the concrete hydrated for as long as possible
  • Prevent Surface Cracking – reduce rapid moisture loss
  • Protect finished concrete from other trades and reduce end of job defects

Concrete Sealer Pro Seal 896, for Quality Builders / Developers

Concrete Sealer with cure assist – Pro Seal 896 is spray applied to wet surfaces without rollers, always on a wet surface. This method keeps the surface temperature down and helps the concrete sealer penetrate deep into the surface. Don’t wait 28 days to seal your concrete, seal and cure assist in one application with Pro Seal 896.

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Sealing New Oxide Coloured Concrete

Sealing New and Old Oxide Coloured Concrete

Sealing oxide coloured concrete first coat Pro Polish 770 sealer final coat Pro Seal 896

Colour Stabilizing First Coat, Pro Polish 770

  • Consider weather-related factors and other factors such as shade, areas exposed to direct sunlight, wind, rain, temperature fluctuations, shelter and other factors that can either accelerate, delay or affect the suitable time in which the surface is safe to walk on.

When in doubt it is usually safe to walk on and apply water on the surface 12 – 16 hours after the pour is complete in most cases as a general rule.

Extremely Hot Dry and /or unstable conditions

Weather-Shielding (Primer Sealing the surface) as soon as the concrete is hard enough to walk on will assist the concretes ability to block out and better endure environmental instability

  • Blow and/or lightly broom or gently rinse surface debris off the surface
  • Wet the surface lightly with very gentle water pressure


  • Coverage rate is 3 – 5 sq m per litre
  • Using a leaf blower, blow out any puddling or pooling in uneven sections of the concrete and/or broom the surface lightly depending on the type and density of the surface
  • Allow to cure over-night

Final Step for sealing oxide coloured concrete

  • Seal with WBS Pro-Seal 896 as directed to stain protect and weather-shield for the concrete.
  • Allow the surface to cure for best results: 24 – 48 hours for foot traffic

5 – 7 days for Vehicle traffic

  • Clean up with water

When sealing oxide coloured concrete, always:

  • Sealing oxide coloured concrete is a 2 step process
  • First coat uses Pro Polish 770 (day 2)
  • Final coat use Pro Seal 896 (day 3)

Sealing New Coloured Concrete using WBS Products

Sealing Coloured Concrete with Oxide in the Mix – 24 hours after pour

Due to the possibility of unknown additives that can be present in oxides or colour concrete premixes, we take the following approach to sealing new coloured concrete.

DAY 1 – (minimum 24 hours after pour)

Lightly broom and rinse the surface of the new concrete with water thoroughly. Do not use high-pressure systems this early in the curing process on a fresh slab. Whilst the concrete surface is wet, apply Pro Polish 770 (mixed with 4 parts water:1 part concentrate) at a rate of 1 Litre per 5m2. Wait for 15 minutes and see if there is any puddling. Be sure to broom out the first coat evenly, pulling puddles to dry areas. Let dry for 24 hours before applying the second coat of Pro Seal 896.


Rinse the surface of the concrete down clean and apply the Pro Seal 896 (mixed with 4 parts water:1 part concentrate) at a rate of 1 Litre per 5m2. Wait for 15 minutes and see if there is any puddling and then broom the surface evenly.

To learn more about our products, play the video below:

Concrete Sealing Fast with WBS Commercial Spray Unit

Effective Concrete Sealing for Large Car Parks, Driveways and Pathways

Introducing the Commercial Spray Unit (CSU).

by Water Based Sealers Pty. Ltd.

Concrete Sealer WBS Pro Seal 896 is engineered for large area concrete sealing. Sealing concrete quickly and efficiently is what we do best. Once you are trained by WBS to use our CSU sealing system you won’t look back.

Throughout 10 years of Pro Seal 896 research and development, we found we were consistently being slowed down by our application equipment. The only way we could fully optimise application and unlock the true cost advantages of this outstanding concrete sealer was to design and built our own equipment. The WBS CSU is built for strength and speed. Once a slab is prepared and ready to go you can seal 500m2 per hour without breaking a sweat. Better yet, it’s completely stand alone so you don’t need to drag around an air hose or a power cord.


The CSU is made in Australia for tough, on-site conditions.


Purchase your CSU with a Bucket of Pro Seal 896 for just $2265 +GST.

You will receive free Certified Applicator Training (normally $800 per person).





  • Free Certified Applicator Training Normally $800 per person
  • 19 Litre Pro Seal 896 & CSU will seal 500m2 in 1 hour after preparation.
  • Average concrete sealing rates are $6 – $10 per meter ($3000 + Per Bucket)

Best concrete driveway sealer for new exposed aggregate

Sealing New Exposed Aggregate Driveways?

WBS Pro Seal 896 – Amazing Same Day Lay & Spray Application

Save 2-4 hours extra labour time by eliminating acid washing and going back to old jobs to complete sealing at a later date. Be sure to watch the video on our WBS home page


  • Same Day Lay & Spray Application
  • Save 2-4 hours per job
  • Learn How To Do it…It’s Water Based Easy

Cure Concrete & Stain Protection Day of Pour

DAY 1 New Concrete Protection for New Home Builders

Builder and contractors that use Pro Seal 896, have DAY1 protection against other trades mess until the job handover. Pro Seal 896 increases moisture retention by 34% creating a stronger concrete.


  • Stronger Concrete
  • Driveway Stain Protection DAY1
  • Protection from Other Trades