Clean & Seal Concrete Same Day

Concrete sealing on a wet surface

brainhosewide.jpgPro Seal 896 is applied to a wet surface. Clean and seal concrete process is unique to Water Based Sealers Pty Ltd. Pressure cleaning and sealing in most cases, is a come back another day and seal once the surface is dry. 

Pressure cleaning, sealing and resealing is now an easy application thanks to Pro Seal 896 and the commercial spray unit developed by Water Based Sealers Pty Ltd!

Remember Pro Seal 896 saves pressure cleaning contractors valuable time and money:

  • No need for disposable rollers and ancillary items
  • Cleaning and sealing concrete and natural stone is now a same day operation
  • Save time and petrol returning to complete recently cleaned jobs

sealing-concrete-WBS-concrete-spray-unit.png concrete-sealer-pro-seal-896-19L.png

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