Clean & Seal Exposed Aggregate

Water Based Sealers Pty Ltd, Recommendations for cleaning, oxide colour stabilizer & sealing exposed aggregate (2 day process).
“Changing the way the World Seals Concrete”

Clean and Seal Exposed Aggregate (Cleaning & first coat Pro Seal 770)


  • Remove the bulk of surface debris using high pressure water only with the use of a hard surface rotary cleaner, the reason is to remove the majority of surface debris prior to the application of a strong surface cleaner that can unintentionally transform the bulk surface debris into a thinner viscosity staining material, making the cleaning action harder and more time consuming to accomplish
  • Using a hard surface rotary cleaner, clean manageable sections at a time and fully rinse the area prior to moving on to the next section.
  • Clean and rinse the entire area with high pressure water only
  • Apply on the wet semi cleaned surface a Heavy Duty Degreaser and agitate the surface with a medium soft broom for at least 10 minutes to stimulate the cleaning solution and to increase chemical emulsification, this step is where the majority of the cleaning action takes place
  • Fully rinse the area
  • Repeat step 2 and 3
  • Apply Pro-Polish 770 at a 1:4 ratio onto the entire surface and allow to cure over night,
    This will bring out the gloss in the aggregate and increase the holding power of the concrete to the aggregate. Resulting in more water-repellent primed concrete, a major sealing advancement for exposed aggregate care
  • Clean up with water

Clean and Seal Exposed Aggregate (Final seal coat application)


  • Medium-pressure rinse the area
  • Apply Pro-Seal 896 as directed 1:4 standard finish, 1:3 higher gloss finish
    This will provide superior oil/chemical/natural stain resistance, non-yellowing
    UV Resistance, and lower cleaning maintenance 3 -5 Year Service-Life
  • Clean up with water
  • Allow proper cure time: 24 – 48 hours Foot Traffic
  • 5 – 7 Days Vehicle Traffic