Clean and Seal Sandstone using WBS products Pro Seal 770 & Pro Seal 896

Old sandstone cleaning and sealing methods were drawn out processes because most oil based products require a completely dry surface to apply. Pressure cleaning with water is the only effective way to clean hard surfaces. Hence the problem!

Water Based Sealers products have to be applied to a wet surface, so now sealing sandstone is a much easier process.

Day 1

Pressure clean the sandstone areas thoroughly with water soluble degreasers and cleaning products. While the sandstone surface is still wet, apply the Pro Seal 770. Be sure to broom out and puddles that may form. This first coat sealer will enhance the natural colour of the sandstone.

Day 2

Rinse the area sealed with the Pro Seal 770 the previous day with water. Apply the Pro Seal 896 to the wet surface and broom out any puddles to the drier areas. You can walk on the surface whilst completing these processes, be sure to broom out footprints on your way off the surface.

Water Based Sealers products require an application to a wet surface. This is a massive point of difference and time-saving solution for contractors who would normally have to come back after the cleaned surface is dry enough to treat using oil or silica-based products.

If you are a contractor or builder, schedule a free demo, seeing is believing!

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