Clean and Seal Contractor Explains How Pro Seal 896 Has Improved His Business

Operating a business in the high-pressure cleaning and sealing industry is hard work. Almost anyone can buy a pressure cleaner and have a go. This diluted market makes it tough for an established, fully insured business to compete on price alone. As such it’s critical to cut out cost wherever practical and you need to build a good reputation so people are willing to pay more to get a better result.

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At Mr Blastit sealing is a big part of our business. In the early days, the majority of our sealing was done using solvent-based sealers. To do a solvent seal properly requires that the paving is completely dry. If there is residual moisture in the substrate the seal will go milky and it will not soak into the surface so adhesion will be compromised. This requirement meant that we had to leave cleaned surfaces sometimes for several days before it was dry enough to seal. Often during this drying period, the surface would get dirty again and more cleaning would be required, followed by more drying, etc. Further, doing a decent outdoor seal job with solvents in winter proved almost impossible because some shaded areas never got dry enough.

To get around this problem we experimented with a number of different types of water-based seals. Most of these are breathable and as such moisture won’t make them go milky. However, like the solvent based products they required dry surfaces to suck in the seal to enable sufficient adhesion. We also found that the quality of many traditional water-based products was questionable in terms of stain resistance, water repellency and durability.

That was until we tried Pro Seal 896. This product was a revelation! It has completely changed the way we do business. We now seal as soon as the surface is clean. No more waiting for concrete to dry, no more return trips, no more post-clean stains and no more stress! We can even seal all through winter without fear. The attached is a before and after photo of a clean and seal job completed on a cold June day with light intermittent showers.

Application of the Pro Seal 896 with the CSU is quicker and easier than anything else on the market. Water helps the sealer to penetrate deep into the surface and floods all cracks, gaps and control joints to make sure everything is completely sealed. Better yet the sealer quality is exceptional. It will block out just about anything you can throw at it. Best of all, in the three years that we have been using Pro Seal 896, we have never been called back on account of a seal failure.

Pro Seal 896 has enabled us to

  • significantly reduce labour and travel costs
  • eliminate callbacks and costs for remedial work that was often required for solvent seal failures
  • price our services more competitively due to these cost savings
  • Improve our profit margins
  • Boost our customer satisfaction and our business reputation

If you are in the clean and seal business do yourself a favour and switch to Pro Seal 896 to save yourself a lot of headaches and a lot of money.



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