Concrete Contractor Explains His Reasons Why WBS Pro Seal 896, ‘It Just Works’

Paul from Nu Design Concrete was using a popular xylene based product to seal his completed work, he encountered the following issues-

Old Xylene Based Sealer Break Down

  • Time spent going back was about 25 hours a week
  • Travel costs associated with driving back to old jobs to clean & seal
  • The acid wash & a second time to seal when the concrete was cured
  • Storage of toxic and flammable products was dangerous
  • Purchasing rollers, brushes and accessories that were thrown away after each job
  • Paul had to do this work himself as there wasn’t enough money in sealing to get his employees to complete
  • Paul was also worried about the smell and possible side effects of using cancer-causing toxic sealers
  • If it looked like the slightest chance of rain, Paul would put off the sealing for the day

Pro Seal 896 Benefits

  • Time saved per week was about 20 hours with no go back’s
  • Storing Pro Seal 896 is water-based and safe to use and non-flammable
  • The ability to Same Day Lay & Spray on a wet surface
  • Very fast application with no accessories to buy
  • Customers were happy that their jobs were protected from day 1 from other trades
  • Cloudy days didn’t scare off the possibility of completing the seal job
  • Paul has more time with his young family now xylene is out of his life

Paul from Nu Design Concrete