Effective Concrete Sealing for Large Car Parks, Driveways and Pathways

Introducing the Commercial Spray Unit (CSU).

by Water Based Sealers Pty. Ltd.

Concrete Sealer WBS Pro Seal 896 is engineered for large area concrete sealing. Sealing concrete quickly and efficiently is what we do best. Once you are trained by WBS to use our CSU sealing system you won’t look back.

Throughout 10 years of Pro Seal 896 research and development, we found we were consistently being slowed down by our application equipment. The only way we could fully optimise application and unlock the true cost advantages of this outstanding concrete sealer was to design and built our own equipment. The WBS CSU is built for strength and speed. Once a slab is prepared and ready to go you can seal 500m2 per hour without breaking a sweat. Better yet, it’s completely stand alone so you don’t need to drag around an air hose or a power cord.


The CSU is made in Australia for tough, on-site conditions.


Purchase your CSU with a Bucket of Pro Seal 896 for just $2265 +GST.

You will receive free Certified Applicator Training (normally $800 per person).





  • Free Certified Applicator Training Normally $800 per person
  • 19 Litre Pro Seal 896 & CSU will seal 500m2 in 1 hour after preparation.
  • Average concrete sealing rates are $6 – $10 per meter ($3000 + Per Bucket)

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