Dusting Concrete Prevention & Treatments for Factory Floors and Commercial Construction Sites

Silicosis and factory floors, are fork lifts stiring up concrete dust in your workplace?

Silicosis is a life threating disease with no known cure that is threating our construction work force.  Hard working men and women who dorn hard hats and Hi-Vis are daily subjected to small dust particles that derive from concrete, quarts, ceramics and other building materials that emit fine silica dust when being machined or tooled in the final stage of construction.  This present danger is a focus that Water Based Sealers Pty Ltd is very aware of.  Our innovative technology is designed to minimise this risk and keep our work forces safe around Australia when dealing with our niche, concrete.  

Introducing the Concrete Doctor services and products manufactured by WBS Pty Ltd.  A solution that stops Silicosis before it stops you.  Formulated for new installation green concrete.  

Pro-Seal 896 19 Litres

This unique modern method flows with moisture and works with Mother Nature not against her. 

WBS products minimises fine dust particles from becoming airborne and entering your lungs,  applied to freshly laid concrete slabs usually same day the concrete is poured.  In the past concrete required 30 days curing time before any sealing products can be applied.  

 Concrete Doctor Services

Using the “Power of Water”, WBS Pty Ltd. 

Advanced Technology that is “Changing the way the World Seals Concrete” 

Commercial job sites create dusty work environments.

WBS Pty Ltd. is the first company in Australia to develop the cure and seal “Same Day Lay & Spray” for treating newly installed concrete.  This innovative game changing breakthrough is possible due to advanced chemistry that is years ahead of its time. A curing sealer that stays on the concrete to protect from oil and acids from day one. Most curing compounds are removed because of the wax content in the product.

We utilise internal moisture within the curing concrete as a conduit in which to draw into itself unique polymer technology that increase the top 2mm – 3 mm of the concrete surface.  The original skin on the surface of normal concrete construction can now receive the benefits of higher impact strength, better stain resistance, better curing of the concrete, provides for razor sharp cuts, increases surface adhesion for tile glues or resurface coatings, does not require pressure cleaning in order to maintain, STOPS DUSTING CONCRETE!   

This Commercial Service is only available through Concrete Doctor.