Silicosis and a Dusting Concrete Surface Prevention

Silicosis is a lung disease caused by breathing in tiny bits of silica, a mineral that is part of sand, rock, and mineral ores such as quartz and concrete dust.

Airborne concrete dust can be easily contained by properly sealing the surface using a simple to apply 2 stage sealing system developed by the technical team at Water Based Sealers Pty Ltd., Australia’s leading company in Water Based Sealing Technology.

WBS Pty Ltd has developed a 2-step easy to apply sealing system specifically designed to prevent concrete dust from entering your home, business, school facility, factory floor and most importantly your lungs.

When concrete is freshly poured it is subjected to many variables that can cause the surface to Dust.  To combat these uncontrollable variables such as hot windy days, rain or improper finishing of the surface, WBS Pty Ltd. developed Australia’s first ever sealing system specifically designed to neutralise these the final finishing step in the concrete process.

Once the concrete is laid, a Cement compatible water-based primer is applied to the still curing concrete.  

Cementous compatibility is paramount at this point.  WBS Pro Seal system is applied (professional use only), This product is scientifically formulated to add further binding of the curing concrete, this process will also help cure-assist the concrete and help prevent unsightly static surface cracks as well as add strength to the concrete.

24 hrs after the first coat is applied a second Non-Cementitous compatible final water-based sealer is applied.  This sealer is formulated to further harden the top 2mm of the concrete surface.  This will also add good stain resistance to the concrete surface.  

This simple and affordable process is a game changer in the production of commercial, industrial and residential concrete.  The result is a healthier and safer work, school, factory or home environment.  Personal Health & Safety is paramount at WBS Pty Ltd.  We develop concrete sealing products to make your concrete safer, healthier and more enjoyable.  We are the experts in concrete sealing technology and we know how dangerous concrete dust is to you, your family, pets, co-workers, students and much more.

Your health and well-being is at risk any time you expose yourself to silica dust.  

Act now and you will minimise your risk of developing Silicosis a disease that has no known cure.  Silicosis is just as, if not more dangerous than asbestos exposure.

Go to Concrete Doctor for professional applicators, this is a licensed operation

Brian Kissenberger, Founder / Co-Director 

Water Based Sealers Pty Ltd.