Water Based Sealers – Pro Polish 770 Grout Binder

Grouting your polished concrete is usually a tough gig. To really get a great polished concrete surface finish, you need to grout the slab. People do grouting many different ways. When I polished concrete the following process usually results in a smooth finish.


  • grind the surface to the desired finish (salt and pepper or full stone exposure)
  • Finish with an 80 grit cut finish
  • Some people spray densifier before grouting
  • Mix Pro Polish 770 at 4 parts water: 1 part concentrate
  • Make sure the surface is nice and wet before pouring your binder and brooming evenly around.
  • You need to run your machine over the surface to create a paste from the binder and the concrete dust, this will be massaged into the surface
  • Once the paste is thick and creamy and you have full coverage you can then scrape off the excess grout
  • If the concrete is really porous, you may need to repeat the process.
  • Let the surface dry and then cut the surface back with 50 to 100 grit ceramic style diamond pucks.
  • Once all the topical grout is removed and the floor is clean and blemish free, apply your densifier and start the polishing process

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