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New Concrete Sealer Technology

Pro Seal 896 ‘Changing the Way the World Seals Concrete™’

100% UV Stable Acrylic | Non-Flammable | Non-Toxic | No Acid Wash | Water Clean Up | Eco-Friendly | User-Friendly

Concrete Sealing, Cure Assist & Stain Protect

• Seal new plain concrete the day it’s laid. 

• Increases new concrete strength with cure assist technology, certified 34% more Moisture Retention!

• Pressure clean and re-seal old decorative concrete, exposed aggregate & natural stone all in one day.

• Quicker turnaround for high traffic areas, just clean and seal on a wet surface.

• The new standard for exposed aggregate sealing ‘Same Day Lay and Spray’. No more acid wash!

• EXCLUSIVELY FORMULATED and DEVELOPED by WBS in Australia, for Australian conditions over 10 Years

• Reduce your ‘Safe Work Method Statements’ documentation by eliminating VOC’s and flammables

• Reduce labour time, going back expenses and disposable residual costs $$$

Pro Seal 896

Bucket 19 Litre Concentrate
Equal to 5 x 20 Litre Buckets
  • 19 Litre Concentrate makes 95 Litres when mixed 4:1 
  • Plain Concrete Sealer mixing ratio (4 parts water: 1 part concentrate)
  • When Mixed, Coverage rate on average, 5m2 per Litre
  • Exposed Aggregate Concrete Same Day lay and Spray (3:1 mix)
  • Special rates are available for contractors and bulk orders
  • Always apply to a wet surface

Pro Seal 896

Bottle 4 Litre Concentrate
Equal to 20 Litres when mixed
  • 4 Litre Concentrate makes 20 Litres when mixed 4:1
  • Plain Concrete Sealer mixing ratio (4 parts water: 1 part concentrate)
  • When Mixed, Coverage rate on average, 5m2 per Litre
  • Exposed Aggregate Concrete Same Day lay and Spray (3:1 mix)
  • Add to a 20 litre bucket for a perfect 4:1 concrete sealer mix
  • Always apply to a wet surface

WBS Pro Seal 896

Mixing & Apply,

Online Course

How to Mix & Apply Pro Seal 896

Pro Seal 896 Mixing Instructions

1) Mix concentrated Pro-Seal 896 well before use

2) Mix ratio is 1 part Pro-Seal 896 to 4 parts water

3) Mix this solution well without aeration

4) Application rate is 5 m2 per litre

5) As soon as the concrete is hard enough to walk on (immediately after surface finishing, i.e. broom or steel finishing) apply the Hydro-Barrier (thin layer of water on the surface)

Product Application

6) Apply Pro-Seal 896 onto the wet surface at the specified application rate.

7) Allow laying undisturbed for a minimum of 5- 20 minutes depending on sun and wind conditions.

8) Using a medium/soft bristle broom lightly broom out any puddling that occurs in uneven sections of the slab

9) Allow drying clear before applying the second coat if required. The first coat will retard the penetration of the second coat and more product will stay at the surface to create an acrylic microfilm. This microfilm will increase the appearance and performance of the sealer.

10) Allow 24 hours curing for foot traffic 5 days for vehicle traffic.

Need a really fast applicator? Check out the videos to see our amazing CSU (Commercial Spray Unit) in action.

Instructions for sealing Oxide Coloured Concrete New and Old

1) Sealing oxide coloured concrete is NOT the same day lay and spray process.

2) New oxide coloured concrete should cure for 24 to 48 hours

3) Clean the surface of the concrete with water (do not use high-pressure cleaners on new concrete)

4) While the surface is wet, apply first coat of Pro Polish 770 at 4:1, this is a colour stabilizer for sealing oxide concrete

5) The following day, lightly rinse the surface with water to make clean.

6) Apply Pro Seal 896 at 4:1 to the clean damp surface.

7) Be sure to wait around to make sure no puddles form, and if there is puddling, broom the puddles out to the drier areas of the surface until absorbed and dry.

Learn the process here

Info Videos

Why Should I Seal Concrete and Natural Stone?

Sealed Concrete verses Unsealed Concrete

Sealed Sandstone verses Unsealed Sandstone

Pro Seal 896 Instructional Mixing Video

Preparation, Cleaning & Applying on a Wet Surface

Cleaning and sealing old & new coloured concrete & driveway toppings, WBS 2 step process

Cleaning and Sealing Sandstone

Fast Application with CSU (WBS Commercial Spray Unit)

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WBS Pro Seal 896 Concrete Sealer & Curing Aid

Pro Seal 896 was developed to be the best concrete sealer available, bar none! It is the result of more than 10 years of research and development in Australia for Australian conditions. Not only does it outperform other sealers regarding adhesion, durability and stain resistance, it also goes where other sealers fear to tread. Since it is applied to wet surfaces it provides the earliest possible stain protection for all types of freshly poured concrete. Better yet the seal that is created locks moisture in the slab to enhance curing. This sealer literally makes your concrete stronger!

Pro Seal 896 Harnesses “The Power of Water”

We have developed a philosophy of using “The Power of Water” to stabilise the external conditions and loss of moisture from curing concrete. Using a Hydro-Barrier (a thin layer of water on the surface) is an intricate part of our application process. This should be applied as soon as the concrete is hard enough to walk on. The Hydro-Barrier replenishes moisture that was lost through heat generation and invisible evaporation. It also breaks the surface tension and assists in relaxing the surface of the concrete during active curing.

Furthermore, this additional moisture acts as a conduit that enables Pro Seal 896 polymer molecules to penetrate deep below the surface of the concrete. As the Pro Seal 896 cures, it contracts into a tight molecular lattice that physically impedes moisture loss. Slowing the rate of moisture loss is important because:

  • Water is an essential component of all curing reactions. If water is not kept in the slab it stops getting stronger.
  • As water leaves, the slab shrinks. This creates internal stresses that can lead to cracking.

ProSeal 896 Concrete Sealer Prevents Efflorescence

Another common issue for curing concrete is the development of efflorescence. Pro Seal 896 prevents efflorescence both during curing and throughout the life of the slab. Efflorescence is the result of liquid water migrating to the surface. As this water evaporates it leaves behind any salts that were dissolved in it. The moisture retention properties of the Pro Seal 896 significant reduce the transmission of water to the surface. Any moisture that gets through does so as a vapour, not a liquid, so it contains no salts. As such efflorescence ceases to be an issue.


ProSeal 896 Concrete Sealer Incompatible with Aliphatic Alcohols

Aliphatic Alcohol is not required when utilising the Pro Seal 896 ‘Same Day Lay and Spray’ process. Pro Seal 896 is chemically incompatible with aliphatic alcohol and the two cannot be used together. If aliphatic alcohol has been used inadvertently or its use is mandatory in the design specification, do not use Pro Seal 896 until curing is completed and all traces of the aliphatic alcohol are removed. Residuals will limit penetration of Pro Seal 896 into the concrete surface. Please contact us if you require further information.

New Coloured Concrete with Oxide Colour in the mix can react with Pro Seal 896. Same day sealing not recommended, always allow 24 to 48 hours before sealing colour oxide treated newly laid concrete. Before you seal, rinse the colour concrete surface thoroughly with water before sealing with Pro Polish 770 (first coat) day 1 and final coat the next day with Pro Seal 896.

Pro Seal 896 – Wet Concrete Surface Application, Changing the Way the World Seals Concrete!

Concrete Sealer Pro Seal 896

Certified Application of Pro Seal 896

It is in our company’s best interest to ensure that contractors use our products in a way that delivers the best possible outcomes for all involved. To that end we are always happy to answer any application questions you may have. We also run training courses for contractors who want to become certified applicator’s. Certification ensures you know how to achieve the best possible results with a minimum of effort and cost. We regularly refer work to our certified applicators. It also gives them the edge over the competition when bidding on contracts that have WBS products in the specification. If you would like to get certified, please register your interest.

Paul Nu Design Concrete

Smarter Concreters use Pro Seal 896

Paul from Nu Design Concrete is a concrete installation contractor on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. He has a small family and time is very important for him & his wife. Storing toxic & flammable products was always a concern for Paul and going back to acid wash and seal was always a headache. Paul and his builders are really excited about the performance of Pro Seal 896 and the results it helps them achieve. Stronger concrete and stain protection from other trades gives peace of mind. Eco friendly Pro Seal 896 contributes to a healthy lifestyle, free from the stress of outdated toxic products and time consuming old school products and practices.

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