WBS Pro Polish 770

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WBS Pro Polish 770

WBS Pro Polish 770 is a 100% pure Acrylic Polymer / Super-Plasticiser that is 100% UV stable. WBS Pro Polish 770 is a formula that has no rival, and is used during the wet grout honing and polishing process to create a UV stable fine finish.

When sealed with Pro Polish 770 polished exterior concrete will not yellow when exposed to years of sunlight and interior concrete can be sealed with environmentally friendly non toxic chemicals and be food safe compliant.

WBS Pro Polish 770 mixes and chemically reacts with wet grinding dust to produce a fine hard finish in preparation for the final polishing & sealing process by filling small holes within the surface and having the curing polymer compound holding the grout tightly to the surface.

Pro Polish 770 contributes to the overall clarity to achieve a crystal clear appearance of polished concrete by being a 100% Acrylic concentrate.

Product Mixing

1) Mix concentrated Pro Polish 770 well before use.

2) Mix ratio is 1 part Pro Polish 770 to 4 parts water.

3) Mix this solution well.

4) Application rate is 5 m2 per litre.

5) Presure Clean & Apply the Hydro-Barrier (Thin layer of water on the surface).

6) Immediately apply Pro Polish 770 onto the wet surface at the specified application rate 1 premixed litre for 5m2 depending on porosity of surface.

Product Application

7) Allow to lay undisturbed for a minimum of 5 min.

8) Using a medium/soft bristle broom lightly broom out any puddling that occurs in uneven section of the slab.

9) Allow for a second coat of Pro Polish on your second grouting pass for best results when aiming for a high gloss finish.

10) Pro Polish is used as a grout binder for polished concrete and admix for textured coloured coatings for driveways Please watch the VIDEO’S for mixing and applying Pro Polish 770.

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