Pro Primer 575 – Primer for Deco Resurfacing & Crack Resistant Primer for Newly Rendered Construction

New Rendered Work

WBS Pro Primer 575 is a super-strong binding sealer for use on newly constructed rendered walls to prevent cement associated surface cracking.

WBS Pro Primer 575 adds polymer flexibility to cementitious materials that are capable of over-curing or dehydration from the effects of wind, sun and very dry heat during its curing process.

WBS Pro Primer 575 extends the life and performance of exterior paint and prevents delamination of exterior paint from the effects of hydrostatic pressure.

WBS Pro Primer 575 is the hidden armour that protects your assets.

For use on newly constructed rendered walls to minimize the development of cement associated surface cracking. Use to bind and waterproof cementitious materials.

For use as a primer for resurfacing concrete driveways.

Pro Primer 575

Bottle 4 Litre Concentrate

  • Makes 20 Litres
  • 4 Litre Concentrate makes 20 Litres when mixed 4:1
  • Polished Concrete Binder mixed 4 parts water: 1 part concentrate
  • Coverage rate on average, 5m2 per Litre

Product Features

  • Extremely strong polymer based construction binder/water proofer.
  • Non-Hazardous Material Classification.
  • Adds strength to render cement.
  • Exterior paints best friend.
  • Very cost effective to increase the quality of render.

Product Application

This product is a super-concentrated and must be diluted with the correct water ratio prior to use.

Use PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) when handling any construction materials.

Mix product well.

Add 1 part product to 4 parts water.

Mix solution well.

Apply using WBS CSU (Commercial Spray Unit) or suitable spray applicator.

Best applied to a wet/damp surface to help draw product into the surface material.

Use the white colour of the product as a visual aid to achieve even coverage.

Allow drying clear / 24 hours prior to painting.

Mixing Video

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