Pro Seal 770 – Deco Concrete Colour Stabilizer – Polished Concrete Grouting Binder

Enhancer and Stabilizer

Oxide Coloured Concrete Enhancer and Coloured Topping Colour Stabilizer.

Pro Seal 770 can be used as a first coat sealer to new oxide coloured concrete. Sealing coloured oxide concrete is a two-day process. Apply the first coat using the pro polish 770 and then a final coat using Pro Seal 896 the next day. This will enhance the oxide colour in the concrete and will prevent fading.

When cleaning and resealing old oxide coloured concrete, firstly clean the surface with a water based degreaser and high pressure hover cleaner, then apply (whilst wet) the Pro polish 770. This will, in most cases, bring back the colour. Then seal with a final coat the next day using Pro Seal 896.

When sealed with Pro Seal 770 polished exterior concrete will not yellow when exposed to years of sunlight and interior concrete can be sealed with environmentally friendly non-toxic chemicals.

Polished Concrete Grouting Process Binder

WBS Pro Seal 770 is a 100% pure Acrylic Polymer / Super-Plasticiser that is 100% UV stable. WBS Pro Seal 770 is a formula that has no rival and is used during the wet grout honing and polishing process to create a UV stable fine finish.

WBS Pro Seal 770 mixes and chemically reacts with wet grinding dust to produce a fine hard finish in preparation for the final polishing & sealing process by filling small holes within the surface and having the curing polymer compound holding the grout tightly to the surface.

Pro Seal 770 contributes to the overall clarity to achieve a crystal clear appearance of polished concrete by being a 100% Acrylic concentrate.

Commercial Cure-Assist Sealing

Unique to Water Based Sealers Pty Ltd

With a 5 year Nation-wide Commercially Proven Track Record.

What is Cure-Assist Sealing?

Water Based Sealers Cure-Assist Sealing combines two very important processes into one easy application.

Mixing Video same for Pro Seal 770 as Pro Seal 896

How to Grout for a Polished Concrete Floor


An essential ingredient in all concrete curing reactions is water. Without water the curing reactions stop. The longer the water is retained in the slab, the more complete the curing and the stronger the concrete will be. A very slow drying slab will not only be stronger but will have less surface cracks, because as the water leaves the slab shrinks. If this process is fast the concrete has not developed enough strength yet to withstand the shrinkage and cracks develop.

Traditionally curing was accomplished by flooding, but in recent times the application of curing compounds is much more common. There are many different types but all of them need to be completely removed before a final sealant can be applied.


A concrete seal is a physical barrier that protects and enhances the surface of the concrete. Most sealers require a slab to be completely dry before they can be applied. This means, in best practice a slab cannot be sealed until at least 28 days after it is poured. There are some ‘same day’ sealers available, but these sacrifice long term performance for moisture tolerance and are a temporary seal at best.

Water Based Sealers products are based on revolutionary technology that enables them to be applied to very wet surfaces. They use the water as a conduit to penetrate deep into the concrete to create a long-lasting matrix seal that cannot peel or flake.

This affinity for water allows WBS sealers to be applied to freshly poured slabs without compromising on the sealer longevity or performance.

Cure-Assist Sealing

Applying WBS sealers to a fresh slab will not just seal the surface it will also lock in the water needed for the slab to effectively cure. We call this Moisture Retention Technology (MRT).

Cure-Assist Sealing is an easy, time saving and cost-effective method of achieving super strong concrete that is protected from stains from day one. It will minimize surface cracks, dusting concrete efflorescence and damage due to cleaning operations. This ensures decorative concrete is kept off the defect list and has been used successfully in commercial applications throughout Australia for over 5 years.

Within the first 90 days MRT Treated concrete will have a different visual appearance compared to un-sealed concrete.

Revive your Driveway, colour enhance old driveway toppings and sandstone

Clean and Seal

What To Expect

  • MRT Treated concrete will look moisture patchy when it rains or is rinsed with water. This is a visual confirmation of MRT in progress. This effect is more noticeable on darker oxide coloured concrete but will stabilise itself with time.
  • This moisture patchiness will slowly subside and even out as both the concrete and the sealers cure together, multiple coats of sealer will increase the settling time (slower moisture loss) but will offer more benefits to the concrete in the long term.
  • During the first 20-30 days the concrete and the sealers will cure in unison. Pro Seal 770 will Super-Plasticise the top layer of the concrete for increased strength, while the Pro Seal 896 will form a tight crosslinking acrylic seal to provide outstanding stain resistance.
  • The Surface can be driven on after 5 days.
  • Black tyre marks may still appear but they will not embed into the concrete surface and can be easily cleaned off or will dissipate by themselves with normal exposure to the elements.


  • Re-Seal every 3-5 years for best results.
  • Allow 5 days curing time prior to vehicle traffic.
  • DO NOT High-Pressure Clean concrete over 3000 psi.
  • Clean with soap & water and medium-pressure rinsing.

Pro Seal 770

Bucket 19 Litre Concentrate

Pro Seal 770

Bottle 4 Litre Concentrate

  • Equal to 5 x 20 Litre Buckets
  • 19 Litre Concentrate Coverage 20-25m2/L
  • Polished Concrete Binder mixed 4 parts water: 1 part concentrate
  • Coverage rate on average, 5m2 per Litre
  • Special rates are available for contractors and bulk orders
  • Equal to 20 Litres mixed
  • Use as first coat sealer for porous concrete
  • 4 Litre Concentrate makes 20 Litres when mixed 4:1
  • Polished Concrete Binder mixed 4 parts water: 1 part concentrate
  • Coverage rate on average, 5m2 per Litre

Product Mixing

1) Mix concentrated Pro Seal 770 well before use.

2) Mix ratio is 1 part Pro Seal 770 to 4 parts water.

3) Mix this solution well.

4) Application rate is 5 m2 per litre.

5) Presure Clean & Apply the Hydro-Barrier (Thin layer of water on the surface).

6) Immediately apply Pro Seal 770 onto the wet surface at the specified application rate 1 premixed litre for 5m2 depending on porosity of surface.

Product Application

7) Allow to lay undisturbed for a minimum of 5 min.

8) Using a medium/soft bristle broom lightly broom out any puddling that occurs in uneven section of the slab.

9) Allow for a second coat of Pro Polish on your second grouting pass for best results when aiming for a high gloss finish.

10) Pro Polish is used as a grout binder for polished concrete and admix for textured coloured coatings for driveways Please watch the VIDEO’S for mixing and applying Pro Seal 770.

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