Colour Stabilizing First Coat, Pro Seal 770

Consider weather-related factors and other factors such as shade, areas exposed to direct sunlight, wind, rain, temperature fluctuations, shelter and other factors that can either accelerate, delay or affect the suitable time in which the surface is safe to walk on.
When in doubt it is usually safe to walk on and apply water on the surface 12 – 16 hours after the pour is complete in most cases as a general rule.

Extremely Hot Dry and /or unstable conditions

Weather-Shielding (Primer Sealing the surface) as soon as the concrete is hard enough to walk on will assist the concretes ability to block out and better endure environmental instability

  • Blow and/or lightly broom or gently rinse surface debris off the surface
    Wet the surface lightly with very gentle water pressure
  • Apply WBS Pro Seal 770 at a 1:4 mix ratio
  • Coverage rate is 3 – 5 sq m per litre
  • Using a leaf blower, blow out any puddling or pooling in uneven sections of the concrete and/or broom the surface lightly depending on the type and density of the surface
  • Allow to cure over-night

Final Step for sealing oxide coloured concrete

  • Seal with WBS Pro-Seal 896 as directed to stain protect and weather-shield for the concrete.
  • Allow the surface to cure for best results: 24 – 48 hours for foot traffic
  • 5 – 7 days for Vehicle traffic
  • Clean up with water

When sealing oxide coloured concrete, always:

  • Sealing oxide coloured concrete is a 2 step process
  • First coat uses Pro Seal 770 (day 2)
  • Final coat use Pro Seal 896 (day 3)